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Network Television

Several of Robin's original songs have been featured on network television including VH1 Jump Start, HBO's "Life and Times of Tim" series, The Today Show, The Young and the Restless, and most recently Necessary Roughness on USA Network.

Great American Jazz Series with Composer/Arranger Danilo Perez

Robin performed onstage with multi Grammy-winning composer and arranger, Danilo Perez, in his "Tribute to Latin Jazz" as part of the 25th Annual Great American Jazz Series.

Performances in France and Sicily

After performing in and acting as Musical Director in France for the original rock opera, La Caroline, Robin travelled to Sicily to perform in Bivona for the Serata Jazz progam, the first jazz performance in this beautiful city. Joining Robin were Lino Costa  on guitar, Gabrio Bevilacqua on bass, and Jacek Coahn on drums.

Prezemek Draheim

Blues Radio in Poland

On Prezemek Draheim's blues radio show in Poland, Robin's album was featured on a program showcasing female jazz singers. To listen to the show go to:

The show is no. 15 on the "Muzyka zrodel" list. Just click on the date, then press play and listen.

Just Plain Folks
Jazz Vocal Award

"Don't I Know" earned 3rd place in the Jazz Vocal Category in the JPF Songwriting Contest.

"On her debut album, Robin Stine, a Jacksonville based singer-songwriter, creates a truly unique sound infusing traditional jazz with a youthful, bluesy folk vibe."
-Sam Baltrusis,
Independent News

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