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Radio Stations
WUWF 88.1 FM Public Radio in Pensacola, FL
WHIL 91.3 in Mobile, Alabama
Kulturradio of the RBB (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) - Public Radio in Germany
Indie Launch Pad
KYOUR Internet Radio


Mr. Nice Guy Show (Kansas City, KS)

Radio QRM (New Hampshire)

Scotch on the Rocks (California)

Midlife Menagerie (Minnesota)

Chillcast with Anji Bee (California)

Redlight Zone (UK)

Red Or White/Eric Wilder (California)

The Word Nerds (Virginia)

Another Everyday Life in Tokyo (Japan)

Edukast (Netherlands)
Daily Source Code (Guilford, UK)

Papocast (Greece)

TimiCast Showdown

Radio-g (Germany)
Eclectic Mix (Maryland)
Podcast Run-Amuck (Texas)
The Bob and A.J. Show (Montreal, Canada)
Kilians Podkost (Japan--broadcast in German)
Sunday Go To Meetin' (California)
G.pod (Italy--broadcast in Italian)
Podcast Sala de Bate-Papo (Portugal--broadcast in Portuguese)
UC Radio (California)
A'sf-Pod-Radio (Japan--broadcast in Japanese)
Yehoodi Radio Show (California)
Ask Naotake! (Japan via California)
Briton's Podcast (Wisconsin)
Alaska Podshow (Alaska)
PMC Top 10 for Oct. 22 (Queen Creek, AZ)
PMC Top 10 for Oct. 16 (Queen Creek, AZ)
Entirely Entertaining (Berlin, Germany--broadcast in English & German)
MostlyTunes.com  (Canada)
Ipoh Podcast (Malaysia)
Radio Memories Network (Dallas, TX )
Ed's Mixed Bag (New York)
Antipodean Podcast (Sydney, Australia)
Lovehouse Radio Podcast (Virginia)
Tower of Song (Dallas, TX)
Send Me Back My Etch-a-Sketch (Pennsylvania)
RedJazz (San Francisco, CA)
Podpourri (Germany--broadcast in English, French & German)
Desertcast (Coachella Valley, CA)
IT Conversations (Ontario, Canada)
USA Hacks (Michigan--broadcast in Swiss)
Unsigned Podcast (California)
Schlaflos in München (Germany--broadcast in German)
All Florida Indies (Orlando, FL)
Moozikoo Radio (Nashville, TN--broadcast in Russian & English)
KIAC Internet Radio (Germany)
Nette Radio-an all-female Indies Show (Texas)
Next Big Thing Internet Radio (Germany)
Starfrosch Podcast (Germany--broadcast in German)
Lindi's Bluescast (Germany--broadcast in German)
MeisterCast (Ohio)
Bitjobs for the Masses (UK)
Do You Speak English (UK)
Altcast (Vancouver, BC)
Filme Und So (Germany--broadcast in German)
Get Jacked (Virginia)
Radio Gold (Virginia)
Roots Rock Radio 
Night Passage Radio
Happy Phantom 74 (Indiana)
Church of the Customer Podcast (Chicago)
BareFT Podcast (Wisconsin)
Podquiz Show (UK)
Could Podcast (Japan--Broadcast in Japanese)
Global Domination (UK) 
Kon Ferenz (German--broadcast in German)
Fast Food Kids Podcast (Germany--broadcast in German)
Inflame Casting (Japan--broadcast in Japanese)
Lynn Parsons Podshow (UK)
The Nodcast (Oregon )
Cast On (UK)
KL Podcast (Malaysia)
Shoe String Theory (Alberta, Canada)
Buckeye Drive Time (Ohio)
Le Jazz Affair (Colorado)
Kevin and Fatma Take on the World (UK)
RobKast Radio (Netherlands)
Polarbear Podcast (Sweden)
Schmee (Oregon)
Black Hills Podcast (South Dakota)
Journey Inside My Mind (Cincinatti, Ohio)
Underway in Ireland (Ireland)
Edinburgh Cast (Edinburgh, UK)
Ruby Redfruit (Georgia)
Misnomer (California)
Bridget Rose Podcast (Florida)
Lance Digital Experience Podcast (California)
Borderline (Nebraska)
Real People (Ohio)
The Hobson and Holtz Report (The Netherlands and California)
P.S.M. SAR Podcast (Hong Kong)
Dear Sigmund, Don't Panic (France)
The Late-Night Blues and Jazz Hangout (New York)
Reaching for Lucidity Podcast (UK)
The Big Show (US)
Mindless Rambling (New Zealand)
The Eclectic Collection Podcast (Minnesota)
Ultimatemix Podcast (UK)
Ordinary Average Guy (US)

Weekend Geeks (Greece)

Startled Bunny (UK)

Ardent Octopus (Florida)

HNA - Der Regionaer (Germany)

Oliver Twistor (Sweden)

Radio Detective Story Hour (Ohio)

The Multiple Sclerosis Blog Podcast (New Jersey)

Sunday Sundown (The Netherlands)

Rapture (Japan)

MommyPOD (Nevada)

Crafty Music (Florida)

Entering Jazz (California)

Fredio (Japan)

The Stage (UK)

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