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Robin Stine...Daydream...Sweet Blossom Records 2005

Ejazznews.com (Nov. 2005)
By John Gilbert

Sweetly swinging is the byword for Robin Stine. Stine has penned 12 originals with first class melodies and superb lyrics. The 13th tune is "Nature Boy" which is done in an unusual mode, but works nicely.

"Don't I Know" is a bluesy number that lopes along gracefully. Stine sings in tune and enunciates cleanly with no undo histrionics. Warren Bernhardt at the piano comps artfully which adds much to the overall effect.

"Sweet Blossom" Again Robin Stine shines brightly...Gary Burke on drums times out perfectly and boots this song along in fine fashion.

"Never Say Goodbye" Artfully crafted lyrics are refulgent in this composition.

"Shy Boy" The words are clever and the melody fits the message in a sensually sophisticated mode.

Robin Stine is a first class lyricist and songwriter whose vocal tonality and cadence make this album dance nicely in one's ear.

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