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Robin Stine "Daydream" Sweet Blossom Records
Mobile Register (Dec. 2005)
By Lawrence Specker

Few independent musicians release debut albums as polished as Robin Stine's "Daydream." The packaging and production are of high enough quality to make anyone think the disc is a major-label release, and Stine's easy, bluesy dinner jazz tracks are confident enough to fool you into thinking you're hearing an album of standards.

But surprise: Stine has been based in Pensacola for a couple of years now, and she wrote almost all the tracks herself. The lone cover is a hypnotic take on "Nature Boy," her approach reminiscent of Harry Connick, Jr.'s.

If you're looking for something to play between Norah Jones and Diana Krall, something maybe a little more classic, this fits the bill. Stine's lyrics and delivery tend to fall slightly to the bitter side of bittersweet, but the overall impression is languid rather than melancholy.

...Stine's love songs are flawless and tend to stick with the listener, particularly such tracks as "Half My Heart".

...in this kind of sultry jazz, grace and warmth count for more than the new-for-new's-sake glitter of pop. And Stine has it where it counts.

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