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Quote from Marsha Noble of WSSD 88.1 FM and Chicago Jazz Magazine
Interview with Robin Stine (Feb. 2006)

Daydream is by far one of the best CDs I have heard in years, coming from a rising new artist. Robin Stine ranks high in my book. Her jazz style of singing is authentically, jazz; her wording is poetic, sultry and makes sense, hitting home and the hearts of anyone who hears it...

When she sings, you'll listen. Her voice is rich, sexy and classic. Robin is confident she can render her own personal music style and win you over; and she does. She has a sound you can be comfortable with listening to all day.

She can stand toe to toe with any of today's jazz artist and hold her own. Daydream is a hit on the JAZ'N'U Show, here in Chicago. Once it hit the airwaves, our listeners lit up the phone lines with approval ratings, confirming my thoughts. Chicago will get a chance to see you soon, Robin, if I have anything to do with it. My favorites from the CD Daydream are, Don't I Know, Sweet Blossom, the classic Nature Boy and Made For Two. Robin makes me want to sing again. You go girl!

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