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Perdido Key Vocalist Has Jazz in her Blood

Pensacola News Journal - The Pelican (Feb. 2006)
By Brian Kelly

Some musicians have talent running through their veins. Robin Stine is one of those musicians. The talented jazz vocalist and Perdido Key resident literally grew up with jazz. As a child growing up in Kansas City, Stine watched her mother perform on the jazz circuit in that famous town, but it would be years before Stine took to the musical form.

“I’ve sung lead in pop groups, but that didn’t really do it for me”, Stine said. “Eventually, jazz just felt natural the first time I performed it. Today I consider myself a modern jazz singer and songwriter”.

Whether jazz found Stine, 35, or she found the genre is unclear, but there is no question that she had a natural ability trapped within her.

“I didn’t receive any formal training. I just listened to as many jazz performers as I could and picked it up. I’m basically taking what I know and creating something new within jazz, she said.”

After attending the University of Miami, where she earned her degree in psychology, Stine remained in Miami and performed regularly on the jazz circuit. Later, she returned to earn a master’s degree in music. Eventually, she settled in Pensacola, and she currently performs with various jazz groups all over Northwest Florida.

Stine’s sultry vocal style is best exemplified in her debut CD, Daydream. This superb collection of original ballads blends jazz with a mixture of folk and a touch of blues. She has spent the last few months pushing the CD and performing at various regional festivals, including Nashville, Atlanta and Tallahassee. Stine has also done interviews all over the world.

“One of the things I’d love to do is pitch my compositions for movie scores”, she said. I think my music lends itself to the movie format.” Stine has already begun working on her next CD, a project she said will be more contemplative in nature, and less Tin Pan Alley. For now, Stine will continue to promote her new release while touring and taking care of her three Siamese cats.

Like Joan Osborne and Norah Jones, Stine is making her own mark in the jazz and blues world. “When I write and sing, I don’t want to sound like anybody else”, she said. “I hope the numbers I do now will become new jazz standards for other vocalists. I like to think I’m writing jazz compositions from the perspective of a woman of the 21st century.”

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