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Below are lyrics to original music written by Robin Stine.

01. Don’t I Know
03. Half My Heart
04. Sweet Blossom
05. Never Say Goodbye
06. Daydream
07. I’ve Got a Secret
08. Shy Boy
09. I Could Have Loved You
10. Made For Two
11. For Me
12. Get Over Her
13. Singing to Me

I've Got a Secret (Robin Stine)

Woke up this morning aching in my head
Feels like the misery of love gone dead
I remember you left and the words that you said
Crying out to me as I slept in bed

I've got a secret buried in my soul
And nobody knows, nobody knows
I've got a secret from my head to my toes
And nobody knows, nobody, nobody knows

You turned to go, I took your hand and sat you down
I said there’s not room enough in this small town
For the truth to hide or a secret to hold
So there’s something I’ve got to let you know

I've got a secret...

So if you want to leave, I won’t hold your sleeve
‘Cause this heart of mine can’t take any more
And if you want to go, I won’t hold the door
But know the truth will live inside of me

I've got a secret...


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