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Below are lyrics to original music written by Robin Stine.

01. Don’t I Know
03. Half My Heart
04. Sweet Blossom
05. Never Say Goodbye
06. Daydream
07. I’ve Got a Secret
08. Shy Boy
09. I Could Have Loved You
10. Made For Two
11. For Me
12. Get Over Her
13. Singing to Me

Daydream (Robin Stine-Chris Whiteman)

Daydream takes me to a place and time
When I was younger and you were mine
To a memory of love that used to be
Love that was you and me

Daydream took my heart around the bend
Surely this romance had to end
Once I was kissin', now I’m just missin’
Now I’m just missin’ you

You were the one who gave me a song
Held me in your arms all night long
Dreams of you come easy but look what they do
Leave me feelin’ cold, alone and blue

Daydream leaves me for another night
Sweet darkness falls upon my mind
Once I was kissin’, now I’m just missin’
Now I’m just missin’ you


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