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Below are lyrics to original music written by Robin Stine.

01. Don’t I Know
03. Half My Heart
04. Sweet Blossom
05. Never Say Goodbye
06. Daydream
07. I’ve Got a Secret
08. Shy Boy
09. I Could Have Loved You
10. Made For Two
11. For Me
12. Get Over Her
13. Singing to Me

Never Say Goodbye (Robin Stine)

I walked in, saw you there
You gave me a lengthy stare
Twice I turned to walk away
Should I go or should I stay?
I didn’t even know your name

Just a hug, just a kiss
In a darkened doorway
Icy sweat, bated breath
Simmering flame
You didn’t even know my name

We were takin’ a chance romance
Could touch our lives
I gave you a whirl, your heart unfurled
Right before my eyes
We knew we’d never say goodbye

So I resolved to take you home
Show you things you’ve never known
‘Till my beating heart was still, I had my fill
You never tasted wine so sweet

When I let go, you grabbed hold
Such a story’s never told
Twice as nice is the way
You can’t believe the things I say
I can’t believe the things we did

We were takin' a chance...

Just a bit of twisted fate
Brought me back another day
I walked in, you walked up
My heart began to beat when you said
I never loved a girl so sweet

We were takin' a chance...


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