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Below are lyrics to original music written by Robin Stine.

01. Don’t I Know
03. Half My Heart
04. Sweet Blossom
05. Never Say Goodbye
06. Daydream
07. I’ve Got a Secret
08. Shy Boy
09. I Could Have Loved You
10. Made For Two
11. For Me
12. Get Over Her
13. Singing to Me

Half My Heart (Robin Stine)

If I let my heart see
All you mean to me
It would surely break in two
One half would stay with me
The other I believe
Would have to go with you

Half my heart belongs to you
No one else will ever do
Half a life is what I’ll lead
‘Till you come home to me

I can see your heart’s worn
Memories keep you torn
But remember what is true
If you can’t stay with me
Know that when leave
My heart will go with you

Half my heart belongs to you...

Long nights spent waiting
Looking out to sea
Now are not so lonely
For you said goodbye
Turned to leave and you gave
Half of your heart to me

Half my heart belongs to you...


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